Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

31 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

Children´s Home and Farming land - July 2011

Off we go into a new life!

Seven of our older boys and girls began their life as young, independent adults. Shyam, Rajan, Pema, Tenzing, Ratna, Bipin and Monika left the children’s home and are now trying to find their way in the „real world“. 

Bipin and Monika live with their relatives, the other boys liv e in the apartment above the cyber café. Of course that is especially convenient for Shyam and Rajan, who just need to go downstairs to be at their workplace. Tenzing and Pema have to go a little bit further to their workplace as technicians. And Ratna also has a longer journey to arrive at his Manpower bureau.

However: To stand on one’s own feet is pretty exciting!