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Sagar Baniya’s logical thinking - September 2011

One and a half years ago, Sagar Baniya fell from our dish washing area in our children’s home down to the floor underneath, which shocked us a lot. He was taken to hospital straight after that. Pretty soon Sagar turned out to be well and not to suffer from any serious injuries. Nevertheless he was kept in the B&B hospital for another four days for the medical practitioners to keep a close eye on him. In hospital he was given the red-carpet treatment, which he is still raving about. That’s why he and Kiran have planned to jump down from the first floor. The two friends would like to spend some more time in paradise (B&B Hospital) where they are treated like little princes. For Sagar Baniya the best thing about it would have been to bring with him his mate to play. Sagar’s logical thinking! Very clever! We are lucky that we have been able to prevent him from his “adventure” – so far. We hope things will stay this way.