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Fire engine for Nepals south - March 2012

Arrived slightly demolished in Bharatpur
Sunil Shrestha is happy about the new fire engine!

Fighting fires in Bharatpur

It wasn’t the first time that the municipality of Hachenburg has donated one of their discarded fire engines to a Nepalese town. In 2003 it was Bhaktapur’s turn, this year the fire-fighting vehicle goes to Bharatpur in the south of Nepal. The town close to Chitwan National Park has never had its own vehicle for fighting fires, so they are looking forward to receiving the donation even more!

The NHB was able to organize a smooth transport of the “red racer” from Hachenburg via Bremerhafen to Calcutta in India and from there to Bharatpur. This journey took two months. It became soon very clear how i mportant it is to instruct the Nepalese driver in the handling of a German truck. When the driver reversed the vehicle out of the container, he drove too close to the wall and broke the side mirror and the indicat or of the right side. Fortunately, it was only a little crash and the dousing function wasn’t harmed. Nevertheless, everybody agreed on the necessity of professional instruction for working the vehicle, which the delegation of the Hachenburger fire fighters will give on site!