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Medicine-student Sabina Parajuli - June 2012

21-year-old Sabina Parajuli has been studying medicine for 3 years

Sabina is from Sangachok, a village in which the NHB built a school with twelve forms. Three years ago, after graduating as the best student of her class, she came to us uttering her wish to study medicine in Kathmandu. As a scholarship would be the only way to make her wish come true, the NHB agreed.

She is already studying in her 6th semester. During her spare time, she works in the Health Post in Kadambas, which is only a few kilometres away from her home village. She has committed herself to working in Nepal for at least five years after graduating from university. Up to now she has passed all her exams excellently. We wish her all the best for her further studies, which we will keep supporting.

These photos show Sabina during her internships in various hospitals in Kathmandu.