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Newcomer - July 2012

The new little boy who is the first to find a new home in our children’s home after Aakash, Ram and Tsering left after their graduation from specialized secondary school is called Suraj Mohara.

The four-and-a-half-year-old boy is from Jhapa, where he lived with his 65-year-old grandmother. Surja’s father, who lived in India as a guest-worker, disappeared one and a half years ago, traceless. His mother eloped with her new lover half a year later and left her little boy behind. As his grandmother worked as a housemaid to earn her own living, she didn’t manage to care for and educate her grandson at the same time. Now Surja has found a loving home here at Shaligram Bal Griha. It goes without saying that we also provide for his education.