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Reports about remarkable progress - October 2012

with Deuter School

It’s been a year now since the first stone was laid for the new Deuter School. Now an impressive three-and-four-storey building can be seen by passers-by. There are just a few inside jobs left to be completed.

So it won’t be long before our primary school children from the nearby Shanti Nikunj Primary School can move over from these wet and uncomfortable shacks into light and dry classrooms. The complete school family has been looking forward to this moment for months.


with our bakery building

On our farm there a new building has been established which can be used from now on. There are six shops in the bakery building where homemade bakery goods produced by one of our former ‘children’ as well as our own homegrown vegetables, our homebred rabbits, ducks and our chicken’s eggs can be sold. The building is also big enough for an office and some flats. Maybe one or the other former pupil might move in with his young family.

We’ll be happy to see the building completely finished and officially opened soon.


with our boarding school for the blind

Our blind children have been able to attend their own school in Chautara for a while now. It’s part of the Shree Bhandevi Secondary School. Now a new boarding section has been completed. This is a great help for those children who are blind or almost blind. They are no longer forced to live in shabby shacks, but can live next to their school now. It also means they no longer have to walk the 2 km through the village: every stone, every piece of rubbish was a danger for them.

If you want to see happiness – just look into those blind pupils’ faces!