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31 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

Short of water and electrical power - January 2012

This January people in the Kathmandu valley and thus all members of our children’s home must save water and energy. As it rain ed too little, our water standpipes are dry. Every single litre of water we need these days must be delivered by a tank lorry. That’s why it is extraordinarily important for every individual to use water in a responsible way. In view of the circumstances we organized a course for our kids called “How to save water”.

However, water is not the only resource which Kathmandu is short of. Currently, there is no electric power in the Kathmandu valley for twelve hours every day. This is called “load-shedding“. Newspapers announce some days before which days of a week and when exactly electric power will be cut off. People can prepare for it and adjust them selves to the inconvenience. Nevertheless, life isn’t easy as electricity is needed in all realms of daily life nowadays, also for internet and emails, which is important to stay in touch with Germany. However, the router won’t work with the electric power generated by our photovoltaic plant.