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Aid supplies on their way - November 2013

Fritz Gottwald with the goods for Nepal
Fritz Gottwald with the goods for Nepal

134 kilos of goods were packed in three big duffel bags and two metal boxes on 17th November 2013 to start their journey from Regensburg to Nepal. First stopover was the police department in Landshut, where the “collector” Michael Rebele and the “forwarding agent” Fritz Gottwald met.

This was the perfect meeting point for the two police officers between Regensburg and Wasserburg, their respective places of living. Fritz Gottwald, who has been supporting the NHB for many years, and 15 further members of the German Alpine Association (DAV) will take the aid supplies to Nepal. They will arrive their destination on the 23rd Nov and will distribute the goods at schools and the Shaligram children’s home. The content of the huge luggage consists mainly of clothes and shoes, sanitary products like shampoo, shower gel and tooth paste, laptops and school material.

As the generosity and support of the airlines have been continuously decreasing since the early years of NHB, the organisation depends on the forwarding of goods just as done by the members of the DAV from Wasserburg.

Thank you for your support!