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Children’s home – January 2013

Good day and a warm welcome to Samir Volan Lama und Pawan Budha! At the end of January the four-year-old Pawan Budha became part of the children’s home. He comes from Kalikot District further west just like several other boys. Judging by the photo taken at his arrival day we think it will take him some more days to feel home. However his new brothers and sister will help him over the first hard days in the new environment and let him forget his home sickness.

It was December 2012, when Samir Volan Lama came to Shaligram Bhal Griha. He is also four years old and comes from the Kathmandu valley. Both his parents are still alive but hardly earn enough money to feed their children, let alone paying for their school education. At the request of the Rotary-Club of Lalitpur Midtown we receive Samir in our children’s home. Both boys attend the nursery class at West Wing School.