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Deuter Sport Company and Nepalhilfe Beilngries – a good team - October 2014

Angela Vögele (left of the logo) with her guests of Nepalhilfe Beilngries
Angela Vögele (left of the logo) with her guests of Nepalhilfe Beilngries

Since 2009 NHB has been in contact with Deuter, a leading company in the field of all kinds of backpacks. The former president, Karl Rebele, initiated the bond, which Ralf Petschl and Manfred Lindner have continued. That’s how the project Santi Nikunja Lower Secundary School was generated, as the company supported it with 30,000€.

The new school complex, which was then the first primary school in Kathmandu, was inaugurated in the presence of the Nepali minister of education in 2013 by Manfred Lindner. For this event the company was also very generous in donating 300 school backpacks and pencil cases for all the pupils.

Nearly all members of NHB accepted the invitation by Angela Vögele, the person responsible for public and press relations of Deuter, and travelled to Gersthofen near Augsburg for a tour of the company premises. Angela Vögele gave an overview of the company’s history and the present production status of the successful business.

She promised to support NHB again financially by donating 2,500€, which will be used to extend the school building of Shanti Nikunja. Vögele intends to come to Nepal in spring 2016, when the new building will be inaugurated.

The diversified day ended with a city tour of Augsburg.