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In memory of Kurt Bobens – Friend and supporter († 23.04.2014)

Kurt Bobens
Kurt Bobens

He was a team player in the twofold meaning of the word: Long before the foundation of NHB Kurt had been a team member in a volleyball club with many of the NHB-members.

Kurt Bobens deceased in Nuremberg on 23rd March 2014 after a long-lasting disease he had been fighting against confidently and energetically. What stays is the good memory of him. His absence will be more than present when the time of the calendar sale starts as he was the one travelling the country, and accompanying the lecture tour of Hans Kammerlander, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits in order to offer the calendar for sale.

He was always trying to invite celebrities in the realm of culture and mountaineering for fund-raisers to Beilngries. His favourite hobby, photography, was one of the major reasons for having a really presentable chronicle of our organization now. He was always a reliable partner in every single matter.

His entire commitment was aimed to a better future for the people in Nepal! Thousand thanks to you and Danjabaath.