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Nepalhilfe Beilngries funded training for young doctor - August 2014

Sabina Parajuli, the proud physician to be
Sabina Parajuli, the proud physician to be
Now she knows how to help the people in her home village
Now she knows how to help the people in her home village

Sabina Parajuli is 24 years old. She grew up in Sangachok in the district of Sindupal, one of the villages in which the NHB built a school ten years ago. Since then, her father has been the headmaster there. Now his daughter is a proud assistant physician.

NHB is also partly responsible for Sabina’s success as they founded her studies. Sabina showed the necessary ambition and industriousness. Now she is an assistant to become a General Practitioner but she wants to go on studying to become a cardiologist.

This kind of support by NHB is something special as it is individual help and this gives their work a “face” in contrary to all the other projects like building several schools or the funding of vehicles or hospital equipment. These “faces” show the immediate humanitarian commitment of the NHB. Another example is Rajendera Giri, who all the project work in Nepal started with more than twenty years ago, or Sunil Shresta, who has been the major local coordinator since the early times, or Bimala Giri, an eleven-year-old blind girl, who is able to attend school, namely the” School for the Blind” in Chautara, thanks to NHB.

In 2008 Sabina’s father approached Manfred Lindner, founding member of NHB, with the plea of funding his daughter’s studies to become a practitioner. After NHB was responsive to this plea, the 18-year-old girl went to Kathmandu to start her studies there in the same year. In April 2014 Sabina managed to pass the important examination to become an assistant physician. However she hasn’t finished her studies yet, as she will need to assist at a hospital in Kathmandu for one year until April 2015. Only after that time, can she be called a real physician.

Sabina was also granted a scholarship by the Nepali government and that’s why she is bound to move to one of the many medically undersupplied regions of Nepal for another two years. Her training to a medical specialist in cardiology will take two more years after that. It’s still a long way to go for Sabina Parajuli. Her ambitions will carry her to her medical aims and NHB will keep supporting her further studies financially. Sabina spent her semester breaks in the last couple of years to help the people of her village – a noble way of paying back what she was given.

Sabina’s brother Nabin is a chip off the old block regarding ambition. The 24-year-old works in IT, which is also an upcoming industry in Nepal. For two years, he has been leading the “Nepalhilfe IT Innovation Center”, an institution run by NHB giving people from Kathmandu, Lubhu and Chautara who are interested in further education the chance to do so.