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Once Nepal and back - Report of work trip June 2014

Has anything changed? This was one of the most important questions to be answered for the travelling group from Beilngries at their arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu after more than 18 hours of travelling. After a warm welcome by our Nepali friends, the group made their way to the city centre. The earlier posed question could be answered during the short bus ride. No, nothing has changed: still chaotic traffic conditions, streets with holes and bumps, the typical smell, the same products for sale in the shop windows and the hotel with its unchanged old-fashioned bleak charm. Welcome back to Kathmandu!

The aim of the work trip was to divide the group in two teams in order to travel on the one hand to the east and on the other hand to the west and south. Already accomplished projects there needed to be supervised as well as ideas and chances of new projects for their possible realization had to be checked.

The whole report can be read in our Newsletter June 2014. We are sorry that there is only a German version of it available.