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100 days after the earth quake – Focus TV shows Nepalhilfe Beilngries

Manfred Lindner (right) giving an interview to Detlev Konnerth, in front of the destroyed Thulosiruwari School
Manfred Lindner (right) giving an interview to Detlev Konnerth, in front of the destroyed Thulosiruwari School

„100 days after the earth quake in Nepal“ will be the title of the 30-minute film, which Sat 1 shows on Thursday, 6th August 2015 at 0.15 a.m. The freelanced journalist Detlev Konnerth, who has produced several documentaries for ARD, ZDF, N24 or Spiegel TV, realized this project.

For his latest documentary Mr Konnerth was looking for a competent contact and met the members of NHB. He and vice president, Manfred Lindner, travelled to Nepal for eight days to document the effects of the earth quake for the country and especially for the institutions of NHB. The two of them experienced a very emotional stay in a country which was still daily hit by aftershocks.

They also visited the especially heavy hit Sinhupalchock District, where 95% of all houses have been destroyed. Six schools of NHB need to be completely reconstructed. Lindner and Konnerth witnessed the immediate sufferings of the victims in Bir Hospital. There are still patients who suffered severe injuries form the earth quake. Among them two eight-year old girls, who have each lost one of their legs. NHB will guarantee them emergency relief.

The film also shows the destruction of many sights in Kathmandu, like the historical royal palace, the Durbar Square or the Swayambunath Temple. They also looked into the many faces of people who have lost all their property and who are still living in tent towns in the middle of the Nepali capital. 

Besides all the negative impressions, the documentary also intends to show how the reconstruction is in progress. The reconstruction of the destroyed schools of NHB should be realized as soon as possible and conversations with the local school committee are going on.

NHB has already invested 320,000 Euro during the last three months, no matter if in food, tents, clothes, school materials or first renovations. This high amount was only possible through all the generous donations.

For all of you, who missed the documentary, can watch it here on our website on “News”.