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31 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

It’s a new beginning

06th Sep 2015

Months after the devastating earth quake in Nepal, the rehabilitation is about to start. The dredges of the UN-aid organization started to level the schools in Sangachok, Thulosiruwari and Kadambas. Without the help of the UN, the communities who don’t have appropriate equipment would have taken many months to level the school buildings. Doors and windows were taken out of the buildings and will be reused for the new buildings.

At the moment some experts of the national NSET (National Society for Earthquake Technology) are on tour on behalf of the NHB, surveying all damages at all our schools and checking possible locations for new schools.

As soon as the engineers of NSET five us the green light, we will start planning the new building in Sangachok and Thulosiruwari. This could possibly still happen this year!