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Earth quake in Nepal – Destroyed schools and still unanswered questions

First aid in Nepal


Regarding the heavy and unbelievable terrible earth quake in Nepal and its effects for the projects of NHB, good and unfortunately bad news must be spread. Many things are still unclear, especially regarding the region outside of the Kathmandu valley, like Sindhupalchok District, north east of the capital.

There is now no doubt about the condition of the following projects:

Those survived (nearly ) without any damages

  • The school kitchen project in Chyangli, which was inspected only some weeks before by members of NHB
  • Our Children’s Home and Farming Land are fully operational


Those suffered some minor damages

  • The school in Gothatar, which is mainly financed by the school Oberhaunstadt (near Ingolstadt)
  • The school in Chautara and the School for the Blinds including boarding school
  • The Shanti Nikunja School (Deuter-School) near Durbar Square in the centre of Kathmandu
  • The schools in Kavre, Sukute and Mailchaur, all of which were inaugurated only one and a half years ago
  • The new buildings of LOWA-School and the ones in Gairimudi


Those got (almost) completely destroyed

  • Jana Jagriti Higher Secondary School in Sangachok, a school for thousand pupils. The former four-storey main building will be pulled down, after the ground floor couldn’t withstand the earthquake
  • The school in Kadambas (Michl-Dacher-School), the very first school of NHB, collapsed.
  • The school in Thulosiruwari, which was mainly financially supported by the mountaineering couple Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits, used to house 600 children.


Presently the local staff members are investigating the different areas to gain more knowledge about the actual status. They are trying to find out the general situation about injured and dead inhabitants of the various villages, the degree of destruction of houses and the situation concerning water and energy supply.

They carry several tons of rice for first provision. Besides they are trying to find out where tents, tarps, corrugated sheets and blankets are needed. The local traffic chaos makes the situation even more difficult.

Unfortunately, there was another aftershock during the night to the 1st of May. That’s why people are still forced to spend the nights outside under tarps. The children of our children’s home are also spending most of the days outside and are only using the ground floor for spending the night.

In the end we need to thank the many people who spontaneously offered help as well as financial and material donations. Siddhi Memorial Hospital in Bhaktapur is benefitting from it where they are enormously helping supply the huge number of injured. The damages at our various projects known so far show that there will be an incredible high amount of money needed in the next months and years to reach our lost standard.