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New child in Shaligram children’s home

28th Nov 2015

Nahakul’s mixed feelings when he got some new winter clothes
Nahakul’s mixed feelings when he got some new winter clothes

Radhika Singh Maharjan, manager of our children’s home in Lubhu, reported the arrival of a new member in our institution which was founded in 2001. Nahakul K.C. is a five year old boy who comes from a small village in the district of Kalikot, which lies 700 km west of Kathmandu. Nahakul has been raised without his father, who died of a gastro-intestinal disease shortly after his son’s birth.

From then on it was his mother’s burden to look after her son and her three daughters on her own. The „Women Children Social Welfare Ministry“ and the „Central Child Welfare Board - District -Kalikot“ set the ball rolling organizing the contact between the mother and the committee of our children’s home. Understandably, Nahakul was shy and was ridden by homesickness when he – accompanied by his new brothers – was provided with new winter clothes by Radhika. 

He passed excellently the test for preschool children and so he is allowed go to West Wing School, which is only some hundred metres away. His new brothers and sisters as well as the staff of the children’s home are responsible for integrating the five-year-old as quickly as possible in the big family consisting of meanwhile 23 boys and 16 girls.