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Inauguration of a new school in Gairimudi – despite euphoria also harsh criticism

Newspaper article of Nepalhilfe Lichtenegg from 15th Nov 2015

17th Nov 2015

Standing in line in front of gas shops
Standing in line in front of gas shops

The present situation in the crisis-ridden Himalaya state is a tightrope walk between hope and hopelessness. Some members of parliament pushed the situation in Nepal towards hopelessness with their endless foolishness, enormous stupidity, ignorance and incompetence (list to continue). Politics is destroying the rest of the country the earth quakes didn’t do!

The population suffers enormously under the gas embargo set by India, which makes easiest things of life seem impossible. The streets are nearly vehicle-free zones and hundreds of people – sometimes thousands – are queueing in front of the gas shops with their red bottles often for days on end to get the urgently needed gas. However this is mostly as hopeless as the situation at the gas stations. Flights to the Himalaya have been cancelled due to gas deficit. All international flights must go via Dehli or Lucknow for fuelling. Some hotels must cook with wood on their roof. The prices are rocking!

Most of the work at construction sites has been stopped until further notice.