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Indian-Nepali border open again

The blockade of the Indian-Nepali border came to an end on the 06th Feb 2016. After more than five months, goods have now been able to pass across the border to Nepal again. Importantly fuel, gas and building materials have been able to be delivered since then. An argument which lasted more than five months and which made millions of Nepali suffer finally came to an end.

Apart from the earth quake in April/May 2015, this border blockade was the biggest disaster for Nepal over the last couple of decades, which however hardly was reported of in the media worldwide.

In the next few weeks the price for fuel will normalize again, after people temporarily had to pay up to 3€ a litre. The same goes for cooking gas which was occasionally not available, which forced the population to use wood for cooking and which in turn led to a rise in forest clearance. 

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