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Nepali doctor trainee at hospital in Wörth/Danube –returning home with rich experiences

Head physician Dr. Christoph von Eisenhart-Rothe was Dr. Sabina Parajuli’s tutor
Head physician Dr. Christoph von Eisenhart-Rothe was Dr. Sabina Parajuli’s tutor
Meeting the Bavarian prime minister the young Nepali woman represented herself well
Meeting the Bavarian prime minister the young Nepali woman represented herself well

Sabina Parajuli will return home to Nepal at the beginning of September after three months of staying in Bavaria and being a trainee at the hospital in Wörth/Danube. All this was made possible by the financial support of Nepalhilfe Beilngries and the professional care of the responsible hospital staff members, especially the head physician in internal medicine and cardiology, Dr Christoph von Eisenhart-Rothe.

Everything began many years before and developed perfectly well. In 2008 Padam Prasad Parajuli, headmaster of Higher Secondary School in Sangachok (one of the NHB schools), pled the aid organization to finance his daughter’s medical studies. The agreement to this support still seems to have been the right decision as Sabina’s professional career shows. Today she is 26 years old and graduated from Tribhuvan University of Kathmandu in April 2014. 

As the Nepali government had also given the young doctor a scholarship, she had to commit herself in working in deprived mountain areas of Nepal the following two years. She has never lost her personal aim out of sight of being a cardiologist one day – not even during the time of the heavy earth quake in April 2015 when her parents’ house, her school and the hospital in Chautara was destroyed. 

But how did it come that Sabina got this three-months traineeship in Bavaria? Dr von Eisenhart-Rothe made this fortunate coincidence possible by his love for Nepal and his bounds to the Nepalhilfe Beilngries. The 55-year-old physician and his spouse Dr Irmgard Sieber met Sabina in Kathmandu in February 2016 and they arranged the young physician’s stay in Wörth/Danube for the following June.

Hospitating physicians from Nepal are not very unusual there as the medical director, Dr Wolfgang Sieber, has been having close bounds to the Himalaya state for several years. Dr von Eisenhart-Rothe and some more clinic members taught the industrious and ambitious physician first steps in cardiology.

After a one week ECG course, she started her training in sonography of the heart, the echocardiography. Step by step Sabina was taught the diverse diseases of the cardiac muscle and valve. After two months she was able to bring the ECG-finding in line with the patients’ medical condition. Moreover, she assisted the head physician in his cardiac catheter examinations.

The young woman from Sindhupalchok District made a great variety of new experiences on her stay in Germany in every way. Special was not only the high standard of clinic equipment and infrastructure, but also comforts of daily life, such as permanent power and water (even cold and warm) supplies.

Sightseeing tours to Munich, Vienna, Bregenz and Sanct Gallen, as well as mountain hikes contributed to a perfect work-life-balance. She also enjoyed her visits to Beilngries, where she surprised the Bavarian prime minister with a German sentence “My name is Sabina Parajuli and I come from Nepal”. Sabina visited the Nepal temple which lies close to Wörth several times to meet fellow countrymen and to feel close to home in times of homesickness. Her free-time activities will stay in her mind for a long time as well as her medical experiences at the hospital. 

Sabina plans to come back one day and start her studies to become a cardiologist. That will be a long way, but Dr von Eisenhart-Rothe is sure she will manage this as she is a good physician. Her curriculum vita shows that she is ambitious enough to reach her aims. NHB will keep supporting her financially provided she practises her medical knowledge in Nepal and for the profit of the people and Nepal.