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31 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

Just a little song

It is a little song the 16-year-old Suku Maja Lobchen sang for Betina Wanner for her farwell. The German woman used her holiday to play a part in the daily life of our Shaligram children’s home in Lubhu.

During her time there, Betina Wanner was living in the main building of our new nursery, which is cared for by the parents of Suku Maja, who has been blind since her birth. They live there together with their other daughter Sushila, an eleven year old, blind girl. The daily life of the married couple has been planting and growing a great variety of vegetables and caring for pigs, hens and ducks ever since.

Tashi and Kippa Lobchen came here seven years ago with their two blind daughters and their two able-bodied sons from their home village Ramche, which lies far from public infrastructure and which is dear to trekker who love this area – the Langtang Himal.

Since an operation eleven years ago, Suku Maja has been able to notice her environment dimly, which is also true for her sister, whose eye-operation was paid by NHB. Suku Maja has been living at the School for the Blind in Chautara, which was founded by our partners from Lichtenegg. Currently she and all the other inhabitants of the boarding school are housed in a provisionary building because of the severe damage caused by the earth quake.

Suku Maja’s singing skills, which the manager of our children’s home, Radhika Singh Maharjan, calls “hidden treasure”, shall not be kept from our friends and supporters, that’s why they recorded her. It is just a little song and the audio-visual quality could be better, but any one who listens carefully will hear more than that.