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27 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

Midpoint Community Memorial Hospital holds assistance camps following flooding catastrophe

Monsoon season, now coming to a close in Southeast Asia, has been more violent than for many years. India, Nepal and Bangladesh were especially affected. There were several thousand dead, uncounted injuries and large-scale loss of property.

Thankfully, our institutions were spared, but we still wanted to provide help and support to the victims. Midpoint Community Memorial Hospital (MCMH) in Kawasoti in southern Nepal lies in an area especially hit by the monsoon’s masses of water and held six assistance camps over several weeks to provide emergency medical help to the area’s population.

We have provided intense support for the hospital for several years. Ram Rai Pandit, the facility’s manager, now tells us that it treated a total of 1,210 ill or injured patients during the period, terming the conditions he and his staff encountered “heartrending”. According to his account, the focus was especially on reducing the risk of infections and preventing the outbreak of epidemics while providing basic health  care to patients. Pandit said he and his team were ready to help if similar situations arose. We have been provided close to 10,000 euros to support the assistance camps.