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Farewell to the Shaligram Children's House

Radhika Singh Maharjan will live in Bavaria in the future

After almost 16 years as head of the Shaligram Children's House in Lubhu, Radhika Singh Maharjan has to say goodbye to her familiar environment, the children and the staff. On 03.06.2021 she had her last working day there and a lot of the responsible persons came to say goodbye to her.

For Radhika was that a difficult step, although the background to her departure is an extremely happy one. Radhika Singh has married and will in future live in Lower Franconia, more precisely in Aschaffenburg.

The connection to Shaligram already came about with its construction in 1999, as her father was the responsible contractor. So you could say that she was an integral part of the building from the  beginning. After two years of working as an employee, she took over its management in 2007.

From now on she was the face and mouthpiece for a large number of visitors from Europe. Most of them came as "couriers". They brought relief supplies from Nepalhilfe Beilngries, or had decided on their own to visit this children's home. Radhika was a competent contact person for them, which could be seen again and again from the positive feedback. Many guests decided from now on a  financial support of the Shaligram.

Responsible in their work were the members of the local committee. First and foremost Sunil Shrestha and his wife Prerana, who over all these years have kept a special eye on the children's house, which Sunil always refers  as "our heart". The guidelines, ideas and questions from Germany fell on the often quoted fertile ground. Radhika's main focus was on the well-being of the children, who were able to grow up well cared for over the years.

With the new period of her life in Germany, she follows her brother Supreme, who already came to Germany 14 years ago. He married a nurse from Lower Bavaria. She worked as a volunteer at the children's home. In the future, they will be an even closer and  certainly atrusted contact for Radhika. 

Who would have thought that Nepalhilfe would once again become a matchmaker in the spring of 2019. Jürgen Köberlein from Aschaffenburg stopped by the children's house to deliver relief supplies. In March 2021 Radhika and Jürgen got married in Hösbach, close to Frankfurt. With their  flight to Nepal, a few weeks later  she also connected the proper handing to the current management until a  successor will be found. The committee has to decide about that. In any case, there will be big shoes to fill for those person. Following the correspondence of Radhika Singh Maharjan's in the last weeks, you will understandably feel melancholy about what she is leaving behind - her former home, her parents and the children of the Shaligram Children's Home.