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32 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

Bayern meets Nepal

The folk dance group of the Technical University Munich took part in an international folk music and folk dance festival in Nepal in March 2014. Their last performance took place in our children’s home in Lhubu, where they showed several different Bavarian folk dances. The brass band “Kaiserschmarrn” from Regensburg was the musical accompaniment of the dances. Numerous people watching this performance were amazed by the foreign way of dancing and clapped their hands loudly for it.

The children of Shaligram also showed their ability in singing Nepali folk songs and performing Nepali folk dances, which the Bavarian visitors enjoyed much. After the group had had a close look at the premises and rooms of Shaligram they seemed greatly impressed by the work of NHB.


Bayern meets Nepal