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31 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

Our Children's Home celebrates 15th Birthday!

In April 1996 the first six children were received into our old children’s home in Patan. In February 2001, as the children’s home family moved into the newly built Shaligram Bal Griha in Lubhu, the little swarm of children had grown to a number of 19 members.

Meanwhile, 15 years later, some of our former fosterlings have already left the children’s home and stand on their own feet. New children have joined us who currently count a total of 39 boys and girls romping around in both buildings that offer enough space for all kinds of activities. Soon the number of family members will grow so that there will be over forty children. However, three of our kids will leave in 2012.

There is a special room for homework as well as a storage for clothes for the boys and girls. The children can rollick about in a playing room when the weather is bad. There are unisex bathrooms and those employees who live in the children’s home have their own little rooms.

The kitchen, which is equipped with solar cookers as well as cookers that use bio- and propane gas, is big enough for several children to help at the same time. In the garden, there are a playing ground, a little pavilion and a temple to allow inner harmony for the members of the children’s home family. Vegetables are grown on our farming-land.

Already 14 children have grown up and left the children’s home as young adults. They learnt to care for themselves as all of them learnt a profession or/and educate themselves further. They’ve grown to strong members of the Nepali community and will be able to contribute to the enhancement of the situation in their country.

On New Year’s Eve, the 15th anniversary of the children’s home was celebrated by all members of the extended family and many guests, among them the chairman, Ralf Petschl, and vice-chairman, Manfred Lindner, both accompanied by their wives. The children contributed to the well-organized festivity with their dancing and singing performances between the official speeches.

Here are some photos and videos of that special day.

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