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Our grown-up children

A life after the children’s home

After graduating from high-school it is time to say goodbye to our boys and girls from Shaligram Bal Griha. The day has come when they need to become independent and find their own way in a world outside their protective family.

After so many years of being part of the extended family Lubhu has turned into a real home for the young adults. That’s why most of them don’t return to their former villages from where they had come to us but stay in the Kathmandu valley. Here they often find accommodation in residential homes and small rooms, share a flat or live with their relatives.

Many of our former fosterlings managed good and very good results in their graduation exams and would like to use these qualifications to reach higher aims. This, however, is not easy in Nepal. Like all English-speaking countries Nepali universities charge rather high fees. These must be paid besides the living expenses. Those who decided to make an apprenticeship will only receive a rather low payment for commuting and lunch costs. As there is no real salary the young adults are still dependent from their children’s home family. Those youngsters who feel their entrepreneur spirit in them will unfortunately not be given a credit as they have not property.

In all those cases it is up to us to help. Thus the NHB supports former Shaligram Bal Griha children with a promotion of vocational training granting microcredits. If they apply for that kind of credit, they have to externalize exactly what they are going to use the money for and pledge themselves to pay it back on certain conditions. This finanial support helps our former fosterlings on their way of leading an independent life.

Surakshya Sapkota geboren 1997 kam mit fünf Jahren ins Kinderhaus. Sie lebte dort 16 Jahre und schloss die 12. Klasse ab. Sie möchte gerne studieren und später Lehrerin werden. Nach ihrer Zeit lebt sie nun bei ihrer Mutter, die sie damals, als sie ins Kinderhaus kam nicht ernähren, bzw. erziehen konnte. Sie war immer stolz ein Teil der Shaligram Bal Griha Gemeinschaft zu sein.

Arjun Upadhay, geboren 1999 verbrachte 13 Jahre im Kinderhaus. Nach der Schule besuchte er zunächst eine technische Fortbildung für 3 Monate und startet im Herbst 2018 mit dem Studium zum Bachelor für das Hotelfach

Chandani Rai, geboren 1998 verbrachte seit 2003 15 Jahre im Kinderhaus. Sie kehrt zurück zu ihren älteren Geschwistern nach Kathmandu. Auch sie wird ab Herbst 2018 mit einem Stipendium an der Unique Academy für den Bachelor in Wirtschaft studieren.

Kusang Lama ist 1999 geboren und verbrachte 15 Jahre im Kinderhaus. Nach dem Abschluss der 12 Schulklassen fand er zunächst Arbeit bei einem Fast-Food Restaurant in Lhubu und wird ebenfalls ab Herbst 2018 in Kathmandu an der Unique Academy für den Bachelor in Wirtschaft studieren

Seeta Saniyal ist 1999 geboren und verbrachte 13 Jahre im Kinderhaus. Sie half während ihres langen Aufenthalts den Jüngeren bei den Hausaufgaben und will in den kommenden Jahren das Hotelfach erlernen.

Aakash Khanal, born 1994, became member of the Shaligram Bal Griha family in 1996. There he learnt playing the guitar and started doing Taekwondo. Meanwhile he has played some concerts in Kathmandu and entertained his audience. Being good at martial arts he even won the gold medal in the Asian Championships in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2012. In the same year he graduated and left the children’s home. Now he is staying with his father’s family in Kathmandu and is searching for the best opportunity to make use of his talents. If he manages to find work and thus earn enough money, he would like to study social science.

Bipin Shilpakar, born 1991, left the children’s home in 2011 where he had lived since 1996. He went to Bhaktapur to stay with his mother and his elder sister but wasn’t able to find any employment there. When there was a vacancy in the Shaligram Bal Griha for the position of an administrator secretary for the farming land, he didn’t hesitate seizing the opportunity. He has been living with his “brothers” in a small flat above the Cyber Café ever since, which is run by former members of the children’s home family and he feels he has come home again.

Harka Nepali, born 1986, was our eldest child in the children’s home from 1999 to 2008. After sharing a place with Tul he soon looked for a small flat of his own. He managed to work his way up: first as a private tutor, then as a warehouseman with a permanent contract, afterwards he owned a small cook-shop and finally he was a representative producing lubricant. As he was good at this and he was quite successful, he took on the marketing department in 2011. He has been married since June 2011 and in June 2012 his daughter was born.

Laxmi Rana, born 1992, live das a child in the children’s home from 1996 to 2009 and was directly employed as a part-time clerk for the administration work for both farm lands. At the same time she attended college and passed her examination. She has been living in Kathmandu since 2011, where she is studying hotel management with a financial support of a benefactor and she is planning to take her bachelor’s degree in this subject.

Monika Khanal, born 1992, lived in Shaligram Bal Griha from 1996 to 2011. After finishing school, she returned to her original family. She is living with her father’s relatives who also pay for her training as a beautician. Monika’s dream is to start her own small beauty parlour.

Pema Sherpa, born 1992, was in the children’s home from 1996 to 2011. Ever since, he has been living with four of his “brothers” in a small flat above the Cyber Café run by former children’s home children. He is studying accounting and works as an assistant of Sunil Shrestha and as a jack-of-all-trades at the children’s home to be able to pay for his studies.

Rajan Suwal, who was born in 1991, spent the years 1996 to 2011 in Shaligram Bal Griha. Afterwards he started the Cyber Café with Shyam and lived with his four “brothers” in the small flat above the internet café. In the late autumn of 2011 he got the chance to be trained as a physiotherapist in Bangalore (India). He pays for it with the help of his relatives, who scratch up their money with great difficulty for part of the cost of his training, and with a loan granted to him by NHB.

Ram Lal Shrestha was born in 1994 and came to the children’s home in 1996. He left in 2012 after having passed his Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education. Afterwards he made an internship with Ratna, a former child house child, in the Cyber café in Lubhu. Ram, who also lives with relatives in Kathmandu, is interested in a university study: „Bachelor of business administration” or „Bachelor in information and Technology“. At the moment he is looking for work to be able to finance his study himself.

Ratna Rai was born in 1990. He came to the children’s home in 1996 and left it in 2011. Since Rajan went to Bangalore, he has been helping Shyam to run the Cyber café in Lubhu. He lives, like four of his “brothers”, in the small flat above the Internet café. Ratna is a computer expert and knows a lot about hardware and software equally well. Therefore, he plans to make a bachelor's degree in computer Application.

Sandeep Budhathoki was born in 1992 and came to the children’s home in 1999 at the age of seven. There he remained till the end of 2008. Then his mother, who had found a new job and thus wanted to have her son with herself again, came to take Sandeep home. Meanwhile Sandeep passed his Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education. He wants to study English and communication sciences and is applying for a scholarship. If he finds a possibility, he would like to study at a university abroad.

Sanju Karki, born in 1990, lived in Shaligram Bal Griha from 1996 to 2008. Still during her last school year she started the search for her biological brothers and found out that one had been adopted by a married couple from Hamburg. She got in touch with the adoptive parents of her brother, and because they immediately loved young girl, she was also adopted. Therefore, since 2008 Sanju’s home has been in Hamburg. She became German citizens, is getting trained as a geriatric nurse and has been married since 2011.

Sarita Pathak, born in 1988, came to the children’s home in 1996. She also belonged to the group of youngsters who were the first to leave Shaligram Bal Griha in 2008 and to cut their own path outside the protective family. She moved to her brother and his woman and worked as an accountancy assistant and in Telemarketing. Then in June 2009, she came back to Shaligram Bal Griha as the leader of the management. Since April 2012 Sarita has been married.

Sharmila Gaishi, who was born in 1988, was member of the extended family from 1996 to 2008. Afterwards she went to Bhaktapur, where she works in the Siddhi Memorial hospital in the accountancy. Besides that, she made her bachelor's degree in business management. In 2011 she moved in a girl's home in Kathmandu, commutes from there to work and is applying, after her benefactor has promised the suitable financial support, for a place a university to study master of business to administration (MBA).

Shyam Rai, born 1990, came to the children’s home at the age of six and lived there from 1996 to 2011. Ever since hs has been living in a small flat above the Cyber Café in Lubhu which is mainly run by him and Ratna. At the internet café he earns the money he needs for studying microbiology at Trichandra Multiple College.

Tenzing Sherpa, born 1992, lived in Shaligram Bal Griha from 1996 to 2011. Ever since he has been living in a flat above the Cyber Café which is run by former children of the children’s home. Six days a week he takes the bus to Patan, where he is trained as an electrician. He doesn’t get paid, as is the custom in Nepal. After his apprentices’ final examination he would like to go to college and become a technical engineer.

Tsering Tamang, born 1992, came to the Shaligram Bal Griha in 1996 when she was three years old. She left in 2012 after finishing school and moved on to Bouda where she is now living with her relatives. Both of her elder sisters work and can support her a little financially. In case Tsering herself finds a job, she would like to study hotel management.

Tul Rai, born 1987, lived in Shaligram Bal Griha from 1996 to 2008. He and Harka were the first to have to be independent. He tried several jobs and finally ended up in the business of a distant relation. He works in canvassing custumers there, but would like to gain experience as a foreign worker abroad and earn some money. He lives on his own in a small room in Hattiban.