Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.

32 Jahre Nepalhilfe Beilngries e.V.


Every school financially supported by our organization and our children’s home has been equipped with books for children and young people during the last two years. We launched the project which we called “corner to read” in accordance to the original “room to read” by John Wood in 2010. Now every school has its own little library for the children to develop or enhance their joy of reading books.

Thus they can borrow books for a certain time, take them home and also read to their parents or grandparents who are often illiterate.

The founder of “room to read”, the American John Wood, spontaneously decided to donate a whole lot of books, when he heard about our project.

Donations to Radhika Singh - Shaligram Kinder Haus

Donations to Harisharan Dhungel (Ass. Head Teacher) - Araniko Secondary School, Dadhikot

Donations to Mr. Kafle (Principal) - Shramshil Bidhyapith Gothatar

Donations to Mr. Silwal (Principal) - Theo Fritsche Schule Lakuri Bhanjyang

Donations to Mr. Shiva Ram Acharya (Principal) - Bhalchandra Secondary School Kavre

Jana Jagriti Secondary Higher School, Sangachok