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Kadambas Health Post

The people of Kadambas have dreamed of a health post for a long time and some years ago they uttered this wish to the NHB. Finally, after all these years, their wish became true in August 2011. Construction work at a new building above the Shree-Kali-Devi-School had been going on since October 2010. The new health station for first aid was built within 10 months. The building has seven rooms on two floors including three sickrooms. Two trained nurses take care of patients who suffer from minor medical emergencies.

Sabina Parajuli, a young woman from a neighbouring village, is studying medicine in Kathmandu. During her semester breaks she supports the medical team, so that the people of Kadambas don’t have to see the doctor in Chautara, which is twenty kilometer away. This had always been a very exhausting travel so far in that region.

Thanks to the many donations, NHB was able to support this project with a volume of 30,000 Euro and thus guarantees primary health care for the local population.


Kadambas Health Post inaugurated on 30th December 2011

The people of Kadambas celebrated their new first aid post with a huge inauguration ceremony. More than 1200 inhabitants of Kadambas and the surrounding villages came on 30th December 2011 to open it. Thanks to this new health post, people no longer have to travel the many kilometers to the district capital Chautara for all their little aches and pains, which now means an enormous relief. Two experienced nurses employed and paid by the district council are able to deal with both minor medical complaints, like a cough, but are also trained to assist women in giving birth. The medical student, Sabina Parjuli, will support the medical team during her semester breaks.