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Shree Singha Devi Primary School, Kodari



Swotting under the pipal tree

The Shree Singha Devi Primary School in Kodari was erected under the expansive branches of a big pipal tree. Its branches protect the building against too much sunshine in summer and give the children the feeling of divine security. For the pipal tree is regarded as an incarnation of the god Vishnu in Nepal.

The white school building with its blue window – and door frames had been erected by the village people in 2000 in record time. This also proves how happy the people of Kodary are about the school which was financed by NHB.

The children of Kodary don’t have to walk such long distances to school any more. Up to the fourth grade they are taught by five teachers in their own village. On their timetable there are reading, writing, arithmetic and English. The girls and boys play with each other in the big space in front of the school building during term and they also meet there for play during the holidays.