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Theo Fritsche Schools

He has climbed the highest peaks of all seven continents and has been an extraordinary supporting friend and sponsor of our NHB for many years. Theo Fritsche is meant by this description. He is the extreme mountaineer and entrepreneur from Vorarlberg who has mounted the “Seven Summits”. Meanwhile about 300 alpinists have climbed the seven summits of the seven continents.

However, what makes Theo Fritsche special for the NHB is the fact that he has financed three of our 24 schools nearly completely of his own. The NHB only planned the school buildings, arranged and supervised the constructions.

About 1000 children are thus given the opportunity to achieve a qualified school certificate.

The first of the three schools was inaugurated in 2007.
Shree Bashuki Secondary School, Lakhuri Bhanjyang (» more information here)

In 2010 the second school followed.
Jana Bikash Secondary School, Panichaur, Sangachok

The foundation stone for the third school was laid in 2011. It was inaugurated by Theo Fritsche himself in 2012.
Ramadevi Secondary School, Harre, Sindhupalchok (» more information here)

In an interview the 63-year-old defined the origin of his commitment like followed: “The many encounters with Nepali locals, the confrontation with their poverty and especially the limited educational opportunities children in Nepal have have moved me to support and initiate those charitable projects.”

Theo Fritsche doesn’t only concentrate on mounting high peaks, but puts experiencing the country itself and meeting locals in the centre of his attention, as he is eager to learn about their culture and customs. 

Needless to say, the 63-year-old Austrian has mounted Mount Everest. In 2010 he was a member of the exploration expedition lead by Jochen Hemmleb, who was searching the mortal remains of Andrew Irvine, John Mallory’s accompany. It is not known whether the two Brits who wanted to mount Mount Everest in 1929 had ever reached the summit. In contrast to Mallory’s dead body which was found in 1999 Irvine’s remains kept being lost even after the search of 2010.